Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

Due diligence and feasibility studies are essential to understanding all aspects of a project, identifying potential problems, and determining whether it is worth undertaking. Our clients trust us to manage this process and help them make informed decisions, and we take this responsibility seriously. Precise has the knowledge, resources, and experience to ask the right questions and identify the key issues that ultimately determine the feasibility of a project.

Pre-Construction Services

The Precise team is dedicated to helping you achieve success from the very beginning of a project. Our systematic, open-book approach to pre-construction allows us to meet a wide range of
criteria, from budget and schedule considerations to functional and aesthetic requirements. Our preconstruction tool kit provides detailed information about the scope of work, design, constructability, medical equipment planning, estimating and value engineering. And our skilled professionals use the most relevant technology and processes to serve you.


As healthcare facilities become more complex, many owners and developers prefer the simplicity of a design-build approach. We recommend an early alliance between the project owner and an experienced design-build partner. Even if your project is just an idea, it’s not too early
to get started.

With a design-build model, Precise works directly with design consultants—under a single contract, as a unified team—from inception through construction, ensuring that costs stay within your budget. This delivery method fosters collaboration, accountability and efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings and a faster speed to market.

Construction Management

When Precise serves as your construction manager, we partner with you to handle nearly all aspects of the building process—from due diligence, estimating and scheduling to design and construction. We are effective and efficient managers with experience in resolving conflicts; setting performance requirements; procuring labor, materials, and equipment; coordinating with medical equipment vendors; qualifying and selecting project teams; and controlling planning, design, estimating, subcontracting, and construction. Our comprehensive approach to construction management results in satisfied clients who keep coming back.